What is Foster Care Fortnight?

The aim of Foster Care Fortnight is to help envision a society where the ‘importance of fostering is understood, recognised and supported.’ To help create better opportunities for children in foster care and provide expert guidance to all fostering services. 


The annual event focuses on creating fundraising challenges and campaigns, with the long term goal of spreading awareness of the positive impacts of foster care among children and parents. Taking time to recognise the importance of the cause is the long term goal, with up to one child needing to enter foster care every 20 minutes in the UK. 

This years theme is #WhyWeCare, and you can click the picture below to read more about how the Fostering Network is supporting fostering families, or to share their social media graphics to help raise awareness for the cause.

'Staying Put' and Campaigning

The importance of the Fostering Network’s actions can’t be understated, with money raised last year contributing to supporting foster families in greater numbers during 2020, ensuring our Government understood and responded to greater needs of foster families during the pandemic. 

An example of this positive response is the 'Staying Put' funding campaign, which was essential in securing £10 million in 2019 to help young people retain relationships and support from their foster carers until the age of 21. In 2018 the Fostering Network posted their study: 'Staying Put: An Unfulfilled Promise',  informing the government of a lack of funding, while also listing the several positive effects of the campaign and it's importance to the mental wellbeing of young people. 

Fast forward to 2021 and the Fostering Network are being provided significant additional funding from the government for Staying Put, showing that campaigning can act as a catalyst for positive change. 

Foster Walk 2021

This year, Foster Walk returns and welcomes anyone wishing to raise funds for the cause to start walking to make up the distance between all the capital cities in the UK. That's 2,056,000 steps, so get your walking boots on and get your friends involved to make up the total. You can start tallying your steps from today until the 22nd May where you can join everyone else to make a final push. Those looking for an additional challenge can even partake in a special scavenger hunt.

An attendee from last years event states, "What struck me most, was the sense of togetherness. There was a real sense of being part of something special." Following a year of isolation and uncertainty, it's very important that people are given opportunities such as the Foster Walk to invoke a sense of community and be a part of a highly supportive cause. 

Signing Up and About Us

For anybody interested in taking up the challenge, please look at the route map  to see how you can complete your 2 million steps. To secure your £10 ticket for the fundraiser, visit the event page

If you're interested in more news on fundraising events and campaigns, keep your eyes peeled for updates on the Healthbox blog. To see our wellness workshops, courses and how we help our local communities, please visit our online store.

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