With lockdown restrictions being lifted across the UK, it’s time to begin embracing the idea of going back outside, meeting loved ones and visiting public venues. We’re aware things just aren’t that simple given we've spent roughly 15 months indoors, uncertain of how the world is changing and the risks posed by going outdoors. With surge vaccinations moving us closer to a safer future, it's important we remain responsible. Click here for the latest government guidelines on what you can and cannot do.

We think everyone deserves to feel safe and confident going forward, so we're providing some links for advice and support. On their webpage, Mind.org offer a comprehensive guide on how to deal with a wide range of feelings and concerns you may have as we leave lockdown. Annabel's story shows a youth perspective on how COVID has affected her anxiety, after leaving University last March and having to adapt to these changes. 



The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a number of changes, naturally causing anxiety and fear about the future. Situations not possible during the lockdown such as visiting shops, travelling on public transport or regularly leaving the house are examples of anxiety triggers that can impede everyday life. To learn more, read here for NHS information on anxiety, and support for those wanting to better understand how to cope with change and uncertainty as we begin to embrace life after lockdown.  


4 Steps Workshop

Our 4 steps workshop offers a great way to start venturing outdoors, by setting manageable goals and checking in with a small group of no more than 6 for 45 minutes each week. Sharing your personal achievements with others could be the difference between lacking confidence and making those first few short walks outside. You will be assisted virtually by a buddy if you would prefer some company during your personal challenge, or you can take the extra step and meet a buddy in person for a walk local to you. 



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