In today's blog, we're discussing the Community Connector project and how key members of the Healthbox team have helped support this excellent service. A Community Connector aims to help connect members of the community in crisis to activities and organisations that can help improve their quality of life. Click here for a more in detail description of our Community Connectors. 

Community Connectors hope to take a proactive approach to helping people improve their lives within their local communities. Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire, David Briggs is passionate about empowering people to improve their lives, and this pilot project aims to provide this guidance for more people across the Cheshire area.



The main outcome of this support is stronger communities that are better equipped to deal with life's challenges, with the main goal of reducing loneliness and social isolation with a connected community.

Both Cheshire West and East have developed their own model for Community Connectors, with Cheshire East aiming to provide holistic, person centred approaches to listening to peoples problems and connecting them to services that can help them or help guide them on their own journey ourselves. 



Due to the success of the project, David and Healthbox found funding for Nicola Marshall to work as a Community Connector in Crewe. During the pandemic, Healthbox Community Connectors have helped over 300 people across Cheshire East and also assisted the People Helping People initiative.



As a result of the success of the Community Connector project, our Macclesfield connector Tracy Stubbs was invited by Lord Lieutenant David Briggs to meet Her Majesty the Queen at Manchester Cathedral on the 8th July 2021, marking the 600th anniversary of the Cathedral. Click here to view a Channel 5 news report on the big day.



With the Connectors project proving popular, and growing across Cheshire East, there are now 5 Community Connectors working across the area. Hopefully this service continues to reach other areas while maintaining this great momentum and making a positive difference to local communities. 




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