Mindful of Mental Health 

Mental health awareness week 2021 is an especially important week due to the unprecedented 12 months of crisis and change that has impacted us all. Raising awareness of how we can recover from this and simple changes we can make to our lifestyle, could really help ourselves and others looking forward into the future.

Feelings of isolation, desperation and anxiety are common given the restrictions on travel, meeting up with relatives or friends and social events. From the 10th-16th May join us in helping to raise awareness for mental health and how we can support each other in our demanding day-to-day lives.

2021’s Theme - ‘Nature’

This year’s theme is ‘Nature’, focusing on how it can help improve our mental wellbeing significantly. The Mental Health Foundation conducted surveys of over 4,000 adults since March 2020 across adults above the age of 18. Each survey covered topics designed to help reveal emotional responses to the pandemic, most notably social indications of stress, coping mechanisms and suicidal thoughts. 

Research from this study shows that 45% of us reported that being outside amongst nature was vital to maintaining our mental health. Furthermore, our interaction with live feeds of nature and wildlife has risen by 2000%, suggesting we are longing for a greater connection with nature following the national lockdown. 

Starting on the 10th May and for the duration of mental health awareness week, check mentalhealth.org for evidence demonstrating the importance of natures benefits to our mental health. Early findings show that teenagers in particular are less connected with nature, with 13% of households in the UK have access to a garden. Mental health awareness week aims to challenge this and present nature as an essential resource to everyone, not a luxury only few can enjoy.

Embracing Nature and Connecting Others

This year it’s very simple to get involved and show your support for raising awareness towards improving mental health. The campaign is encouraging you to do three things: 

  • Experience nature: Take time outside to appreciate nature, and grow your connection to it. Celebrate nature and the positivity it can create. 
  • Share your experiences: Make it known on social media the connections you’ve made, sharing the hashtags #ConnectWithNature and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek.
  • Talk about nature: use advice and tips on mentalhealth.org, discuss with relatives, friends and colleagues how to connect with nature and your local environment. 

If you're looking for a greater insight into how people are connecting with nature and how you can express your experiences, you can watch and read blogs written by participants discussing the positive impact of nature on their mental health. 

6 Weeks to Wellbeing

If you're looking for some personal guidance and advice on how to re-connect with nature, stay active or learn a new skill, consider signing up to our '6 Weeks To Wellbeing' workshop on The Bubble. This interactive group is hosted by mental health link workers who focus on your personal goals for improving mental wellbeing and how to achieve them. 

For more interesting stories, news and tasty recipes, visit our blog. For information on our services, what we do and community events visit the Healthbox website. To sign up to our latest wellness workshops, visit the Bubble webpage.



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