In today's blog we're discussing our work helping to support the Sherborne estate in Crewe. According to recent data, it has been named the most deprived estate in Cheshire, so helping this area at a community level was very important for us going forward. Thankfully, we're fortunate to have a member of the team whose passion is supporting the Crewe area. 

Recently, Healthbox's own Sherborne Project Coordinator Joe Cosby has helped organize funding and development for the local Community Group and gardening club with help from Avanti West Coast Trainline, who've provide 2 years of funding towards these two community projects. 



Joe has his roots in Crewe, and is passionate about supporting the local community in any way he can. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, he designed and delivered the 'People Helping People' project which brought together 300 amazing volunteers who worked hard to respond to over 900 requests for support.



Adding to this support, local business Absolute recruitment, a part of Absolute Solutions Group, has helped financially support the project. We have received a donation of £300 from them which has helped us greatly in providing new resources and materials for our Gardening groups, and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank them for their generosity and support. 




The result of the Community Gardening Group coming together has been a number of RHS gardening awards given to residents of Crewe for their outstanding work. As for future plans for community development, we hope to gain funding to support projects for work on food poverty, supporting food banks and helping other highly urgent causes within and beyond the local area. 

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