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In today's blog, we are discussing what to expect from our painting workshops, from how you can get involved, to sharing some positive experiences from people who have already attended. We aim to inspire individuals to try something new and exciting in an inclusive social space. 



Taking up a new hobby is a rewarding way of improving your personal health and wellbeing, while also providing you with a new skillset, or a fresh perspective allowing you to overcome greater challenges in life. All of this and more encapsulates what our 'Unleash Your Inner Artist' workshop aims to provide for those interested in signing up. 


Our Painting Planner

Each week features a new painting to try, and we encourage people to engage with the idea that simply creating your own interpretation of an artwork is important, as there is no right or wrong way of making art. Below you can look at some of the paintings you can try in our upcoming Monday workshops:


'Flamingos' - 7th June 1 - 2:30pm

'Lighthouse' - 21st June 1 - 2:30pm

'Hockney Hills' - 5th July 1 - 2:30pm

'Desert Island' - 12th July 1 - 2:30pm

Paint Your Way

Any new attendees to our workshop should feel welcomed, and we appreciate how everyone's preference for privacy should be respected. If you feel like leaving your camera off, not speaking, or the complete opposite it's up to you.

We ensure anyone who joins in can express themselves fully through their painting, without any pressure to move out of your personal comfort zone. Art should be inviting and exciting, and we hope to share that passion in our workshops. 


How Do I Sign Up?

If you're interested in joining in and having a go, and to register for our other workshops, please visit The Bubble today. For the latest Healthbox news, visit our main website or check in on our blog

If you have been referred into a Healthbox CIC service you may be eligible for a free art pack for use in our Workshops. 

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Excellent course, excellent lecturer, excellent venue. Training was enlightening, invaluable and practically empowering. So glad I came.”
Excellent instructor, well presented and delivered. Great course to reflect/reinforce/expand knowledge of mental health. Good variety of methods of delivery – group work/case studies/videos.”
Excellent course – delivered very well. Kept me interested and I want to learn/know more.
Instructor made me feel relaxed and somehow made me engage more – therefore absorbing more information and reinforced learning – 10/10.

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