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Wireless Headsets / PACKAGE 1 / Duration 1 Day-Dry (up to 15 users)

To check availability, please call: 0151 355 0205 and select extension number 6.

Healthbox wireless headphones are perfect for parties, events and entertainment. Never let the loudness limit your party! We offer an easy, affordable hire service collected from our head office. Everything you need in a box with up to 3 channels of music.

With simple plug and play features, you can plug any music source into our lightweight and small transmitter, including laptops, iPods/iPhones or even DJ Mixers.

The LED silent headphones can work up to a 100-150 metres range and have the capability of running up to three different channels.

  • LED Wireless Headphones
  • 3 Channel System
  • No Batteries (up to 12h battery life)
  • Fully Rechargeable
  • Receives Signals up to 500M
  • Premium quality sound and cool LED lights

LED flashing lights
Bright and enthusiastic lights flash to the beat of the music, turning your venue into a sea of light.

Crystal clear sound quality
Stay in the zone as Harry automatically reduces background noise. Hear the audio as it was intended - perfectly.

Rechargeable batteries
Our batteries last up to 12 hours with the lights flashing. No need to remove or replace. Put your screwdriver away.

Channel indicator
Show the room which of 3 sources you’re moving or listening to, if the singing doesn’t give it away. Don’t sing at conferences or the cinema though. You’ll look weird.

Superior comfort
Designed with your comfort in mind, Harry is cozy on heads of any size with ultra-soft earpads. Ideal for kids to your sofa-headed mate.

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