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Stories For Wellbeing

If you are experiencing mild to moderate depression or anxiety there is a new 6 week course being offered.

A safe and private space where you can enjoy reading or listening and responding to stories and poems with other people from your community.

Run by Lisa Rossetti, a local qualified bibliotherapy practitioner. Please note this is a University research project.

Start date: 25 February 2021 over 6 weeks at 1:00am-12:30pm

To register please email:

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Excellent course, excellent lecturer, excellent venue. Training was enlightening, invaluable and practically empowering. So glad I came.”
Excellent instructor, well presented and delivered. Great course to reflect/reinforce/expand knowledge of mental health. Good variety of methods of delivery – group work/case studies/videos.”
Excellent course – delivered very well. Kept me interested and I want to learn/know more.
Instructor made me feel relaxed and somehow made me engage more – therefore absorbing more information and reinforced learning – 10/10.

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